What is an IEC?

What Is an IEC?

You do what for a living? I’m often asked this question. I’m an IEC.  An Independent Educational Consultant. We provide a student and families with individual attention, firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, and the time to explore all educational options. Therefore, I’m first and foremost a student advocate and family resource.  As an independent educational consultant, I  handle college prep and admissions issues, as a guidance counselor would, but you only work with a limited number of families, using your extensive knowledge to open up new opportunities for the student and make the family aware of options they may never have heard about otherwise.


We meet with students and families and assist in determining the best-fit schools and programs based on the student’s strengths and interests. As professional college counselors, IECs review the student’s grades, extra-curricular activities, volunteer opportunities, and work history. Additionally, we provide recommendations to strengthen their application to best-fit colleges and give students and families unbiased support and recommendations. For example, a virtual fair focusing on pre-college programs is coming up soon. To learn more about this fantastic opportunity for your student, click here–https://app.brazenconnect.com/events/5pxWR

College consultants visit colleges and universities nationwide to see firsthand what is happening on our campuses. I’m here to help build a tailor-made college list for your student. As a matter of fact, we do this by making recommendations for schools that we call safety, target, and reach. It’s critical to be open to feedback and suggestions for your list. Too many reach schools will not yield you the outcome you desire. For example, a list consisting only of Harvard, Columbia, Brown, and Carnegie Mellon is not at all balanced. A safety school or a school with a high percentage of accepted students does not make it a lower-quality school at all.


Furthermore, if you have a specialization, see if your IEC does as well. Look for one who is an expert in athletics if sports is what might be your ticket to college. Do you excel in the areas of music or visual arts? Your consultant should as well. I have a wide network of colleagues to whom I can refer if the subject matter is not an area of expertise for me. For instance, I’m on the autism spectrum. I was born with epilepsy. I often work with students who are on the spectrum or who might have some kind of additional challenge to navigate. I had a doctor tell my parents I wasn’t predicted to live past age two. I’ve defied the odds, and you can too!


We cannot guarantee any admissions outcome. Above all, I do promise to the best of my ability to see that you are viewed as the best applicant possible. Another key point is looking at fit in terms of a financial and social perspective. First and foremost, is the school within range for your family financially? Secondly, is this campus a place where you can see yourself thriving socially? Academically? Culturally? All those things are considered as we discuss big and small schools, private or public,  in or out of state, and the many more variables that go into picking the right academic environment that best suits you. Are you ready to start finding your best fit? With this in mind, do as many virtual information sessions as you can. Take notes on the sessions you attended. In short, make it your job to be an informed consumer about where you will be spending the next four years. Here’s a great way to see many schools. You can take self-guided tours, read blogs, and much more. https://collegescoops.com/

Overall, I want the process to be informative, educational, and fun. I look forward to your call.

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Gerene Keesler

Gerene Keesler

Enthusiastic, Student Affairs and College Counseling professional providing over 20+ years of superior customer service and academic advising, admissions, and career coaching.

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