Success is Subjective - Episode 85: Navigating Personal Differences and Challenges with Gerene Keesler

Your differences don’t make you any less than the person beside you. It might be a journey navigating those differences and working through them, though there’s people willing to support you. Gerene Keesler, a college counselor and founder of Admissions Untangled, grew up feeling less than for the majority of her life. That increased dramatically when she went to college. Through it all she still managed to push through and get 2 degrees. It wasn’t until she was recognized as neurodiverse that everything started to make sense in her life. Gerene now works to help make the college experience for students a much easier and enjoyable process. On this episode of Success is Subjective, Gerene joins Joanna to share her experience going through school feeling alone and confused in her struggles. The persistence that Gerene has shown through her journey will be sure to inspire you. Listen in for more insight on Gerene’s story as she navigated life before and after a diagnosis. 

TESTS and the rest - IEC PROFILE: Gerene Keesler

Meet Gerene Keesler, who utilizes three decades of experience in the university profession including work in Admissions, Residential Life, and Career Services. Gerene recently obtained her certificate in College Counseling from UC San Diego (March, 2021) and holds a Masters Degree in Counseling. As a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, Gerene thoroughly researches and vets colleges, and regularly devotes time to visiting campuses to ensure she always has the most up-to-date information. She’ll ask the critical questions that are often overlooked by parents and students such as the school’s graduation rates, the average incoming GPA of other students, and the employment rate for graduates. Gerene’s company Admissions Untangled provides services in college coaching and searching, scholarship, and essay editing. mock interviewing, and admissions planning.

Get It Done! Guidelines for the Neurodivergent Individual by Debbie Ginsberg: Guest Gerene Keesler

This week’s guest Gerene Keesler, Owner of Admissions Untangled, has been working in Higher Education for 30 years and decided to help neurodivergent individuals navigate their way through the college admissions process. Her personal story is quite fascinating and she has achieved much considering the odds against her.

College Scoops - Episode 146: Advocating for Your Healthcare Needs with Guest Gerene Keesler

Being independent at college includes knowing how to advocate for your needs. Today’s guest, Gerene Keesler, shares her inspirational story of how her ability to advocate for herself paved the way for her success in college.

Good Neighbor Podcast Pasco - Episode 44: Admissions Untangled

Admissions Untangled provides services in college coaching and searching, scholarship and essay editing. mock interviewing, and admissions planning.


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