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Gerene Keesler

I am excited to introduce myself as a Tampa native with over 25 years of invaluable experience in higher education and admissions offices. As an independent college counselor, my journey has led me to establish Admissions Untangled, a venture that is more than a profession—a personal mission.


My extensive background includes working in both undergraduate and graduate admissions offices, conducting countless mock interviews, refining essays, facilitating scholarship searches, and guiding students through the intricacies of college and graduate planning. I aim to offer comprehensive support to students, ensuring a seamless transition into higher education.


What sets Admissions Untangled apart is the wealth of experience and a personal connection to the challenges many students face. As a high school student, I navigated the education landscape feeling lost and undiagnosed for decades. It was only later that I discovered I am on the spectrum with various comorbidities, including epilepsy. This personal journey has given me unique insights into the struggles of doing poorly in school, not knowing how to study, and searching for the proper support.

My Misson

Providing a Personalized approach

Admissions Untangled is not just a consulting firm; it’s a resource center for students seeking understanding, guidance, and support. My mission is to be a compass for those who have faced educational challenges like me. I am committed to providing a personalized approach that acknowledges and addresses individual needs.


Neurodiversity & Opportunities: Ensuring A Seat At The Table

By Gerene Keesler

Growing up, I always knew I was different.  I had a very anti-medical family who couldn’t accept that I was differently-abled and had epilepsy, let alone the four brain injuries I’d find out about in my early 30’s. I heard my parents “couldn’t handle it”, while stressing to my now late father, that “handle it” is their job…Read the Article >>

Finding My Passion Through Learning

By Gerene Keesler

Growing up, and throughout my teenage years, I always knew I was different. My family couldn’t accept that I was different medically or had epilepsy. I heard my parents “couldn’t handle it,” even though I tried to express to my now late father that “handling it” was their job as my parents. I didn’t understand why I studied as long as the A students, my closest friends, yet I constantly received a grade of C or lower, especially if the subject was math or science…Read the Article >>


Success is Subjective - Episode 85: Navigating Personal Differences and Challenges with Gerene Keesler

Your differences don’t make you any less than the person beside you. It might be a journey navigating those differences and working through them, though there’s people willing to support you. Gerene Keesler, a college counselor and founder of Admissions Untangled, grew up feeling less than for the majority of her life. That increased dramatically when she went to college. Through it all she still managed to push through and get 2 degrees. It wasn’t until she was recognized as neurodiverse that everything started to make sense in her life. Gerene now works to help make the college experience for students a much easier and enjoyable process. On this episode of Success is Subjective, Gerene joins Joanna to share her experience going through school feeling alone and confused in her struggles. The persistence that Gerene has shown through her journey will be sure to inspire you. Listen in for more insight on Gerene’s story as she navigated life before and after a diagnosis. 

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Professional Affiliations

As a testament to my dedication to the field, I am proud to be a member of NACAC and SACAC, as well as an associate member of IECA. These affiliations underscore my commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and best practices, ensuring that Admissions Untangled remains at the forefront of college counseling.

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Unlock Your Potential

I invite you to explore how Admissions Untangled can be the key to unlocking your academic potential. Whether you’re a student seeking guidance or a parent looking to support your child’s educational journey, Admissions Untangled is here to make the process transparent, manageable, and successful.

Feel free to contact me directly to discuss how we can collaborate.

Get a personalized approach that acknowledges and addresses individual needs.

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