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1:1 tailored academic and application guidance

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Advising from an admissions professional with three decades of experience

College Counseling Services for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Grade Students

Our comprehensive college counseling services are designed to guide students through their high school years, ensuring they are well-prepared for graduation and competitive for college admissions. Below is an overview of the services provided:

Monthly Academic and Progress Meetings

  • Goal: To ensure students are on track for graduation and meet Florida public university system admissions requirements.
  • Activities: Review academic performance, discuss course selections, and monitor progress.

Interest Assessments and Career Exploration

  • Goal: To help students identify potential majors and career paths that align with their interests and strengths.
  • Activities: Administer and interpret interest inventories, provide resources for career exploration.

Academic Enrichment Program Suggestions

  • Goal: To provide challenging academic experiences and address boredom or underperformance.
  • Activities: Recommend enrichment programs, advanced courses, and extracurricular academic activities.

SAT/ACT Prep and Tutoring Recommendations

  • Goal: To enhance standardized test scores.
  • Activities: Provide personally approved recommendations for SAT/ACT prep courses and tutoring services.

Extracurricular and Community Service Activities

  • Goal: To build a well-rounded profile for college applications.
  • Activities: Suggest extracurricular activities and community service opportunities that align with the student’s interests and goals.

Summer Programs and Internships

  • Goal: To gain valuable experience and enhance college applications.
  • Activities: Recommend summer programs and internships relevant to the student’s interests and career aspirations.

Writing Coaching

  • Goal: To develop stronger writing skills necessary for college applications and academic success.
  • Activities: Provide coaching on writing style, grammar, and structure.

College Exploration and Selection

  • Goal: To help students begin the college search process and identify suitable colleges.
  • Activities: Work with students to explore different colleges, assess their best learning environments, and suggest customized college visit itineraries.

Demonstration of Effective College Website Use

  • Goal: To teach students how to gather information from college websites effectively.
  • Activities: Demonstrate navigation of college websites, and highlight key information to look for.

Local College Visits

  • Goal: To provide firsthand experience of college campuses.
  • Activities: Arrange and accompany students on visits to local colleges.
Our structured approach ensures that students receive personalized and effective guidance throughout their high school journey, setting them up for success in college admissions and beyond.

Get a personalized approach that acknowledges and addresses individual needs.

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