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Lynn University is a private university in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. Established in 1962, it was originally known as the Marymount College of Boca Raton. In 1974, it became the College of Boca Raton and Lynn University in 1991. Lynn University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees across various fields, including business, communication, education, arts and sciences, music, and more.

One notable aspect of Lynn University is its iPad-powered learning initiative, which began in 2013. As part of this initiative, every student receives an iPad upon enrollment, and the university integrates technology into its curriculum to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Lynn University is known for its diverse student body, with students from all over the United States and many international students. The university’s small class sizes and personalized attention from faculty contribute to its reputation for fostering a close-knit community and providing individualized student support. I have been consistently impressed by the genuine concern and commitment of the Lynn staff and faculty.

Lynn is recognized for its commitment to supporting neurodivergent students through various programs and resources. Neurodiversity refers to the range of neurological differences in individuals, including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other conditions. Lynn University strives to create an inclusive environment where all students, regardless of their neurodivergent profiles, can thrive academically and socially.

One of Lynn University’s key initiatives is the Institute for Achievement and Learning (IAL), which provides comprehensive support services for students with learning differences, including neurodivergent students. The IAL offers individualized academic coaching, tutoring, assistive technology resources, and workshops tailored to each student’s unique needs. Additionally, the university offers specialized academic programs and accommodations to ensure neurodivergent students have equal access to educational opportunities.

Lynn University also promotes awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity through various events, workshops, and training sessions for faculty, staff, and students. By fostering an inclusive campus culture and providing targeted support services, Lynn University strives to empower neurodivergent students to reach their full potential and succeed in their academic and personal endeavors.

The university also annually hosts various cultural events, guest speakers, and community engagement activities. Lynn University’s campus is on a picturesque 123-acre site in Boca Raton, offering students a beautiful and conducive learning and personal growth environment. It’s a beautiful school with excellent opportunities. To visit Lynn virtually, click here.

Gerene Keesler

Gerene Keesler

Enthusiastic, Student Affairs and College Counseling professional providing over 20+ years of superior customer service and academic advising, admissions, and career coaching.

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