Colleges to Consider for the Neurodivergent Student

As a neurodivergent college counselor, I ask parents and students to consider several things. Will you disclose? How much will you disclose? You are not required to disclose anything if that is your preference. The level of support varies greatly from campus to campus. What is critical is discerning how much support you need and where to find it.

Each of these universities has tailored programs or services to support students with disabilities or special needs, ranging from disability services offices to specialized programs focusing on autism spectrum disorders and offering academic degrees in various fields. There are programs to strengthen executive functioning skills and provide opportunities to learn these key needed skills.

Things I immediately look for beyond if the school has the student’s major of interest are graduation and retention rates (the number of students who return from year one to year two). I am also looking for housing. Is it guaranteed for four years? That was important for me; it might be for you as well. Additionally, affordability is a key factor. 

  1. Whittier College:
  2. University of Redlands:
  3. Landmark College:
    • Specializes in supporting students on the autism spectrum.
    • It offers various academic programs but lacks a specific math degree.
  4. Drexel University:
    • The A.J. Drexel Autism Institute focuses on research and public health science approaches to understand and address challenges related to autism spectrum disorders.
  5. Elon University:
  6. Mercyhurst University:
  7. Daemen College:
    • The College Autism Transition Support (CATS) program provides life skills coaching and transition support for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    • It focuses on core elements, including critical thinking, communication skills, and so on.
  8. Hofstra University:
    • Offers PALS (Program for Academic Learning Skills) to assist students with learning disabilities or attention deficits by pairing them with learning specialists.
    • Provides individual plans, workshops, and online programs to develop skills.
  9. Misericordia University:
    • Offers the Alternative Learners Project (ALP), providing comprehensive on-campus support to students with learning disabilities.
    • Features the BRIDGE Program and individual accommodation plans.
  10. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale:
Gerene Keesler

Gerene Keesler

Enthusiastic, Student Affairs and College Counseling professional providing over 20+ years of superior customer service and academic advising, admissions, and career coaching.

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