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A Look at University of North Florida

UNF, also known as the University of North Florida, can be found in Jacksonville, FL. Despite not receiving as much attention as some other well-known state schools, UNF certainly deserves recognition for the numerous benefits it offers to its students. UNF is dedicated to ensuring student success, enrolling approximately 17,000 students annually and producing over 4,000 graduates each year. The University provides small class sizes and personalized attention, as well as exceptional job placement, a friendly atmosphere, and an active student community. UNF is renowned for providing transformative educational experiences to its students, such as collaborating on research with faculty, participating in community-based learning, and joining study abroad programs. In fact, UNF students engage in these experiences at twice the national average, making it an exceptional opportunity for personal growth.

Moreover, UNF holds the esteemed Community Engagement Classification from the Carnegie Foundation, a recognition possessed by only 5% of U.S. universities. Additionally, UNF has received various other prestigious rankings. What does this mean for the students? The Community Engagement Classification, introduced in 2006, continues to reaffirm its original commitment to acknowledging institutions that prioritize public service. It focuses on aspects such as institutional culture and mission, both academic and co-curricular programs, ongoing improvement efforts, and the recruitment and recognition of faculty, staff, and students.

Some notable facts about the university include an undergraduate population of 14,282 and a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:19, providing a more intimate and tightly-knit learning environment compared to the typical state school experience. For the past 14 years, For the past 14 years, the Princeton Review has consistently recognized UNF as one of the top universities in the Southeast based on the excellence of its academic programs. Additionally, UNF takes pride in being the highest-ranked institution in the State University System for the percentage of graduates employed in Florida. Therefore, if you’re compiling a college list, be sure to consider UNF. Looking to broaden your social circle? UNF attracts students from 49 U.S.

Should UNF be on your list? It’s certainly worth exploring and contemplating.

Gerene Keesler

Gerene Keesler

Enthusiastic, Student Affairs and College Counseling professional providing over 20+ years of superior customer service and academic advising, admissions, and career coaching.

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