Building A Solid College List

Juniors, right now you should be in the midst of building your college list. There are varying ideas of how long this list should be, but one thing is certain. The list should be balanced. What does that mean exactly? A balanced college list means you have schools that are exceptionally difficult to gain admission. Next you have schools that based on your academic profile, you should have a pretty good chance of gaining admission. Finally, choose schools that, if the other two categories for some reason don't turn in your favor, you have schools that you are confident based on your grades and scores, if they take them, will grant you admission. What does all that mean? Only pick schools to apply to that you know you will want to say yes, I want to attend.

Attend virtual college fairs. If it is possible, make campus visits. It's an excellent way to solidify the campus you envisioned in your head matches reality. Attend virtual visits as much as you can and engage with admissions counselors and students alike. Ask them what campus is like, what the courses are like and the community. You don't want to end up in a school in a very small town if you love a big city or a place where it snows most of the time if you are not comfortable with that. Sign up to be on the email lists of the colleges that interest you so you can really take a look at the schools on your own time. Once you start making some decisions, email the school back and politely let them know you have decided to go a different route. 

The best place to look for scholarships is the school itself. Comparison shop what the schools are offering and what you and your parents can afford. Check deadlines and the amount of essays required to make sure you are ready for the work that is ahead of you. Don't go by just the name brand of any school. There are hundreds of hidden gems out there you might not know of. There's only one of you, you are unique. So is each school. Take the time to see which school fits your needs.Talk to your school counselor and independent educational counselor (me) for their advising and recommendations. There are plenty of college search tools out there, here's a good one.

You are about to start an incredible adventure,


Gerene Keesler


Posted On: 2022-04-07