Demonstrated Interest

Some of the schools you are researching may track what is called “demonstrated interest.” Demonstrated interest is how colleges assess how much a student wants to attend their school. Not every school tracks this, but it is important to those that do. The most meaningful way to show demonstrated interest is to visit the campus in person. Colleges understand, particularly in light of the pandemic, that this is not always possible. Another way you can show you are interested in the school is by completing the online interest form. This lets the school know it’s fine to contact you and you want their information.


 Build a relationship with your regional admissions representative through thoughtful and courteous communication, attending college fairs, and really showing you’ve researched the school in your essays. Have you reviewed the mission and vision statement? Does it align with your point of view? While no one expects you to commit it to memory, an understanding of the school’s philosophy is a good starting point. Another good thing to do is check for virtual events with admissions representatives. Schools often have them for parents and students. Ask questions about campus life, class size, activity on and off-campus and if cars are necessary, just to name a few. Follow the school on social media. Open and read your email. That is the most important tip of all. That is the most frequent way a school will communicate with you. You don’t want to miss any important information or communication. Finally, apply early. If you are not positive about a school, it’s best not to commit to an early decision, so early action would be a better route. Some schools prefer to admit applicants who display eagerness to attend them.



Posted On: 2022-06-14