Applications, Essays, Edits, Oh My

The last few months have been a whirlwind. Getting Admissions Untangled off the ground and running, meeting with students and parents, and seeing this little dream come to fruition have been both overwhelming and satisfying at the same time. Research all types of schools, from the Ivy League to the community college, because you need to be a fit for the school academically, emotionally, and financially. All are important while doing the college search. It's not just based on a name brand from a poll or a top ten list. 


The essays are a 650-word statement of who this person is. Why did you choose to share this particular story with the admissions staff? Tell us something we haven't learned in the rest of your application. Most importantly, make sure the essay focuses on you. How did you gain, learn, achieve or grow from a specific experience? You have 650 words to make the most meaningful, memorable impression, so make it count. 


Interviews can also be a central part of the admissions process. That can be tricky if you haven't had much interview experience. I will ensure you are both confident and prepared for any interview and have meaningful responses that don't sound rehearsed. The end of September took me to Houston with 7000 of my nearest and dearest admissions colleagues. We took the convention center by storm, sharing best practices in admissions essays, how to grow our businesses, and connecting in a meaningful and spirited way for three days. Much fun was had, and I look forward to sharing all the insights I gained in the coming year. I'm currently enrolling for the class of 2024.

To schedule a consult, you'll need your student's nonofficial transcript, and both parent and student need to be present.


To your student's success,


Posted On: 2022-10-10