List of schools who support students on the spectrum

Please see our choice for best colleges who support differently-abled or special needs 

1.Whittier College


Whittier is highly regarded. It has a feature I didn't see many other places.

 Assisting graduating students’ transition out of Whittier College


2.University of the Redlands


3.Landmark College

This school is devoted to students on the spectrum; however, they do not offer a math degree. They do have computer science.


4.Drexel University

Likely most well known of all the programs

 The A.J. Drexel Autism Institute is the first research organization built around a public health science approach to understanding and addressing the challenges of autism spectrum disorders. The Autism Institute's mission is to discover, develop, promote and disseminate population-level and community-based approaches that will prevent autism-associated morbidity and disability and improve the quality of life for individuals with autism of all ages


4.Elon University






The College Autism Transition Support (CATS) program offers life skills coaching and other transition support to matriculated students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

We focus on 7 core elements – Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving, Information Literacy, Communication Skills, Affective Awareness, Moral and Ethical Discernment, Contextual Integration, and Civic Responsibility.   




Hofstra’s program for special needs students is called PALS, or Program for Academic Learning Skills. It helps students with learning disabilities or attention deficits by pairing them up with a learning specialist, who will aid them throughout their college career. Individual plans are created for each participant, molded to his or her unique needs, and they work with their specialist for 90 minutes each week. In addition, the school offers study skills workshops and online programs to help students develop skills that will serve them better.  



One of the best resources for special needs students at Misericordia is the Alternative Learners Project (ALP). It aims to provide comprehensive on-campus support to students with learning disabilities, serving more than 60 each year. In their first year, LD pupils will take part in the BRIDGE Program to better adapt to campus life. After that, they will get help with a variety of learning strategies and work with a professional to develop an individual accommodation program. The program offers many other forms of support, and while it does come with a fee, it may be more than worth it for many students.  


9.Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


10. American U

Posted On: 2022-01-31